Mat developed an early skill while drawing realistic body figures on many white walls, it all rapidly lead to his architeture degree and artistic career in 3D. A passion for music, tree growing and european soccer might very well define him.

Marcelo followed Mat`s path but with comics, not in a nerdy stile but with an amazing ability to recreate anything with a pencil. Sport nuts he can still play hours of squash in his mid thirties. He`s the creative brainy.


Gonzalo studied design in Argentina, is based in San Francisco and loves to help U.S. based architects with cost-competitive technology solutions.  His passions are design and tennis, as well as his family in California.  He also loves soccer, like all Argentines!

Juan discovered virtual drawing building entire cities pixel by pixel in Paint. He began playing around with 3D in his brother`s computers and quickly joined them as a junior. Outside he`s just another sport`s freak, soccer, rugby, tennis, golf and name a few!

ID. Gonzalo Azcona
Solution Manager, North America.
ID. Juan F. Canestri
Principal / Commercial Director.
Arch. Marcelo Canestri
Principal / Creative Director.
Arch. Matias Canestri
Principal / Art Director / Modeling Supervisor.

Phrog is an international creative studio focused on the architectural industry.  We provide design assistance from a conceptual stage up to the final design and client presentation through powerful, high-end photorealistic visualization.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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